Cohort Outtake: 1963 Buick Special – Mrs. Schmitz Goes Shopping

Buick Special 1963

This is what Mrs. Schmitz drove to the supermarket in 1963, after Mr. Schmitz drove to the office in his Wildcat four-door hardtop. The uneven-fire Fireball V6 had a permanent palsy under the hood, as it strained against the Dual-Path Turbine automatic. The automatic, two-tone paint, whitewalls and an AM radio were the only concessions Mr. Schmitz was willing to make to his wife’s desire for a bit of flair. But it didn’t stay in the Schmitz family long; in 1965, Mrs. Schmitz traded it in on a new Mustang V8. And she started wearing much shorter skirts. In 1967, the Schmitzs were divorced.

BigPapiC posted this 1963 Special at the Cohort. That part is true.