CC Capsule: 1993 Subaru Legacy – Where Have I Seen That Kick-Up Before?

I got to drive a first-gen Subaru Legacy a handful of times. A company I worked for owned one, and we were supposed to use it on local Official Business. I remember not enjoying driving it – which is rare for me, as I’m easy to please in the driver’s seat. The steering felt rubbery and numb to me. Or at least that’s what I think it was; after something like 28 years memories do grow dim.

Am I the only one who the first-gen Legacy’s side view reminds a little of the 1962 Plymouth? It’s the one-eye-squinting look, at least in profile. And the Subie echoed it in the window behind the C pillar. Below the window ledge, of course, the two cars have nothing stylistic in common.

I knew that this was a ’93 – the last of the first generation, by the way – because of this sticker in that window behind the C pillar.

Subaru fanbois could probably accurately date this car by looking at the grille, or some other styling detail that eludes the rest of us. What eludes no one, however, is that this poor car has been plagued by the tin worm. It was surprising to see such an old car in such rough condition in Zionsville, a well-to-do suburb of Indianapolis.