CC Capsule: 1995 BMW 325i – A Young Engineer’s Dream

1992-95 BMW 325i a

My engineering-school buddies were split right down the middle on the kind of car they dreamed of buying after graduation: a 3-series BMW, or a Mustang LX 5.0.

1985 BMW 318

Actually, since I graduated in 1989, we dreamed of this 3-series, as it was what BMW made then. But even on a young engineer’s comfortable salary, a BMW meant uncomfortable debt. Those who couldn’t quite finagle (or stomach) it ended up in the much less expensive, much easier to finance Mustang.

1992-95 BMW 325i c

But I’m sure the aspirations of a budding young engineer changed little into the 1990s and cars like this remained droolworthy. Well, the coupe was droolworthy, anyway. In those days, who wanted a sedan? Today, of course, sedans are hot. BMW doesn’t even make 3-series car with only two doors anymore.

1992-95 BMW 325i d

This one’s just how we like ‘em: a complete, original car that shows signs of ongoing use. Dig how the paint is fading off that bumper.

1992-95 BMW 325i e

But that use has clearly been gentle. Inside, even the leather on the driver’s seat isn’t too roughed up. Is this somebody’s fun-times car?

Oh, and why the Mustang LX 5.0 and not the GT? Because the LX was lighter and, therefore, theoretically faster. That’s how engineers think: theoretically. It helped that the LX 5.0 was also slightly less expensive.

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