Cohort Outtake: 1956 Buick Special – Daily Driver In Finland

Buick 1956 special side

Here’s a car that truly epitomizes the CC ethos: an original ’56 Buick Special still being driven to work, in Riihimäki, Finland, no less. CC Cohort LDeren has seen this car many times parked at this university, and shot it in different locations there. 

Buick 1956 special fq

These Buicks were always very distinctive, with their full rear wheel cutouts and their reversed-dish wheels. It gives them a tough guy look, especially with all that patina. Don’t mess with me…

Buick 1956 special rq

It reminds me of the similar-shape ’56 Special four door hardtop that I shot on the road here a while back. Just like when these were new, today a Buick from this vintage is something Special, and not just another tri-five Chevy.