CC Capsule: 1995 Mercury Sable – A Clean, Pristine Grocery Getter

1995 Mercury Sable a_LUCiD

Pity the poor Sable. Somehow, it always got the short end of the stick in looks compared to its Ford-badged brother. The first and second generations looked bulbous compared to the more athletic Taurus. The third and fourth generations tried to affect a formal air, but it didn’t come off so well on the basic body’s rounded surfaces.

1995 Mercury Sable b_LUCiD

These second-gen Sables sold reasonably well and roamed the Earth in reasonable numbers. Still, it had been ages since I’d noticed one when I parked next to this clean example on a grocery-shopping excursion here in Indianapolis.

1995 Mercury Sable d_LUCiD

This is how I like my Curbside Classics: all original, lightly used, well cared for. A time capsule. I couldn’t see the odometer, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if thing hasn’t cleared 50,000 miles. I was surprised to find this blue interior. My memories are dim, but I thought surely all interiors had gone to shades of grey and beige by the mid 90s.

1995 Mercury Sable c_LUCiD

The 35 in the corner of that license plate tells me this car is far from home. That’s the county code for Huntington County in northwest Indiana. Little-known facts: J. Danforth Quayle hails from Huntington County, and and Mötley Crüe guitarist Mick Mars spent most of his childhood there. That has nothing to do with this Sable, but how often do I get to slip something like that into anything I write?