CC Outtake: 1996 Jaguar XJ6 L – Cherrywood

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The story of the Jaguar XJ40 (and its successors) is one that I’ve been reluctant to take on (in depth), because I have such overwhelmingly negative feelings about its arrival and early days. The XJ40 was such a disappointment stylistically and dynamically, and on top of that I knew well two folks who bought them, to their great regret. A genuine Deadly Sin, and we’ll get to it one of these days. Wonderful interiors, especially in the Vanden Plas version, but that’s a small compensation when you’re sitting in an immobile one, again, waiting for the tow truck. But this is an XK-330, the lwb version of the XJ-300, from the period after Ford spent billions to upgrade Jaguar production facilities and quality. Did that make a big difference?

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I’m not the one to ask. But I just cringe at the thought of owning one, even if Ford’s open wallet did make something of a difference.  I’m sure they can be picked up for pennies on the (original) dollar nowadays. And like everything else automotive, there’s probably folks out there who have mastered their deficiencies and revel in their splendid accommodations and silky ride. Good for them.

But I’ll pass, since I spend most Sundays driving deep into the woods and mountains on remote forest roads. Of course, the back seat would be a perfect place to open the wicker hamper and have our hot tea and goodies after our hikes (seriously). But then I’d like to know it’s going to get us back home again. I’d rather look at the woods going by outside than sit stranded and look at the wood inside.

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