CC Capsule: Blue Bird Bus – Still Hauling (Big) Kids

Burning Man is over (for a while now, actually), and dusty refugees from the Nevada desert can still be seen on the streets. Buses are always popular vehicles of choice, for obvious reasons. The handsome face of this big Blue Bird caught my attention–looks like a locomotive.

This is as big as Blue Birds got, probably 40 feet long. These buses came in both front-engine and rear-engine pusher versions. It’s pretty obvious which this one is; the grille on the front gives it away.

Uh-oh; someone tried to tow something a lot heavier than the bumper was capable of handling; then again, it’s not like school buses normally have hitches attached. This one should have been attached to a solid cross-beam welded to those frame extensions.

Can’t not look inside. To me, that shift lever looks like one used with an Allison six-speed automatic, which was a popular box back in the ’60s and ’70s. I’ll bet that’s Armstrong steering.

Since we’re looking…all the comforts of home, albeit not arranged in the usual ways.