CC Capsule: 1992 Plymouth Acclaim — The Car For Someone Who Doesn’t Care About Cars

When I met my colleague Elsa, she drove a white Plymouth Acclaim. She was a woman of intelligence, education, and sophistication. So the first time we went to lunch together and she drove, I wondered aloud: “A Plymouth Acclaim? I saw you in something sportier, or Japanese.” She replied, “I don’t care about cars. I just need mine to get me from A to B. But this has been the best one I ever owned.”

That was 25 years ago. Elsa and I haven’t worked for the same company in ages, but we still sometimes catch up for lunch. A serious accident, from which she thankfully walked away uninjured, put an end to her Acclaim. She’s driven a succession of Accords since. “But I’d still be driving that Acclaim if I could,” she once said. “It was a great car.”

For the time it was commodious and comfortable enough, with acceptable power even from the base 2.5-liter four. I never rode in a V6-equipped Acclaim like this well-preserved example. It’s crazy, by the way, what little details date a car. It’s a 1992 because of the body-color bumper rub strips, the full-chrome grille, and the style of the V6 badge on the fender. Hat tip to CC author Daniel Stern for helping me pinpoint this car’s year.

I photographed this Acclaim at the library in Fishers, Indiana, in 2017.