CC Capsule: Dodge LCF Truck Motorhome – A Dodge Lover Lives (in)Here

CC 221 036 1000

(first posted 2/28/2014. Another unusual and fairly rare Dodge truck)     Dodge was a pioneer in motorhomes, but they didn’t exactly look like this. These big Dodge LCF (“Lower Cab Forward”) trucks are getting rather rare, but someone has re-purposed this one into a motor home, and if the cord is any indication, might well be living in it. It’s apparent from a distance that these trucks used the cab from the 1956-1960 Dodge pickups, but riding a bit taller now. 

CC 221 037 1000

These trucks were first built in 1960, to replace the dated LCF predecessor. By the way, that “LCF” name/acronym is a bit odd, given that the cab isn’t really all that far forward or low. It originally was used for snub-nosed trucks, and distinguished them from COEs (Cab Over Engine) trucks and “conventional” (long-nosed) trucks, but there’s clearly some lack of hard delineation among them.

Dodge truck lcfOne of the benefits of the Dodge LCF was accessibility, thanks to the rather unusual swing-away front fenders. One piece fiberglass tilt-up hoods soon made that irrelevant. Engine choices in these trucks ran a huge gamut, from an HD version of the polysphere 318 V8 to Cummins and Detroit diesels.

Dodge Big Horn 1974

In 1973, Dodge took a rather bold gamble to compete in the really big truck field. The C950 Big Horn rode on frame rails sourced from the supplier to Kenworth, and were essentially hand-built to buyer’s specs, but still using that vintage pickup cab. Not surprisingly, the Big Horn turned into a Big White Elephant, as there just wasn’t sufficient interest. One source says that a total of 261 were built, but a fair number still survive, as they have become quite collectible.

In 1975, Chrysler got out of the large truck market totally, and the LCF and Big Horn’s days were over.