CC Capsule Ford Granada: The Non-Brougham Euro Version

(first posted 2/7/2012)    CC Cohrt kutzos has posted some more interesting finds in Spain, including the black front end of the SEAT Bocanegro we saw the other day. But this Granada is what caught my eye. And it helps explain my perpetual challenges with the Great Brougham Era. This very clean and tasteful Mk II Granada (1977 – 1985) makes quite the contrast to the American Ford wearing that same name. Ironically, of course, the American Granada was crudely aping certain Euro design cues (Mercedes, mostly).

Just to show this Granada better, I’m going to augment with a shot of the two door from wiki. Is that tasty, especially for all you tudor sedan lovers?

Now we can’t let those nice lines go to Ford’s head, as of course the Granada was heavily inspired by Pininfarina’s very influential and award winning Fiat 130 Coupe of 1971.

And the Granada wasn’t the only one looking at the Fiat 130. The handsome Bitter SC coupe of 1978 certainly did, as well as quite a few others. It was a prominent design influence in Europe, while the Brougham Epoch was roaring away stateside.

But the Euro-Granada did share one feature with some of its American counterparts: those wheels.

They showed up in the Mustang as well as the Fairmont, which admittedly was a serious step in the right direction, if not quite far enough.