CC Capsule: Holden Monaro GTS 350 (HT) – Australia’s Chevelle SS Or GTO

(first posted 2/21/2012)     The irrepressible Bryce found this Monaro GTS 350 slaking its thirst the other day. Given the cost of fuel down under, that’s going to hurt a bit. Bryce didn’t leave any commentary, or even the model, so I had to dig through wiki to figure out that it’s an HT model, or a 1970 model. Beyond that, I’m not going to be able to add a whole lot, except that like so many Holdens, it looks like a cross between an Opel and a Chevy.

Which is probably not too far off the mark, but I’ll probably stimulate some commentary from Bryce on that.

The GTS 350 does use the genuine bow-tie small-block, as the Holden V8 only came in 253 and 308 inch versions. The 307 and 327 inch Chevy were used in the first HK series. We’ll have to wait a while until it’s morning down there and Bryce wakes up, so in the meantime…