CC Capsule: Land Rover Series III Tour Vehicle – Down On The Farm


The company where I work had its annual strategic planning meeting at Traders Point Creamery, a working dairy farm with a restaurant and meeting space that’s a short drive from our northwest Indianapolis headquarters. I have a photo of our management team among the cows to prove it, but what really caught my eye was this Land Rover Series III.


Outfitted as it is, I assume it’s used to ferry visitors on tours of the farm. Getting up there must be a challenge, though.


I’m betting the little ladder that lies on that ledge under the third row seat is key to the onboarding process. Sitting in the third row while this Land Rover is in motion must give quite a feeling of hanging out.


Up front, things are really rough. Based on its RHD configuration and the out-of-date license plates still affixed fore and aft, I’d say this was an import from the UK.


And given the lack of Indiana plates, this Land Rover never sees the mean streets of Indianapolis.  By the way: if you’re ever in Central Indiana, this dairy’s chocolate milk is to die for.