CC Capsule: Mercedes S-Series (W108) Pickup – For Those Times When You Really Do Need A Mercedes Pickup

CC 43 002 925

David Saunders has made an excellent case for getting by without a pickup truck with his Mercedes sedan, but there’s just times that just won’t do. And here’s the solution: a Mercedes W108 pickup, with Super Cab styling inspired by one of those crude American pickups. CC 42 084 925

This is just the thing to have for hauling a load of chicken manure for the garden or cleaning out a meth lab, but with dignity and style.

CC 42 086 925

No telling exactly which model this is, but I suspect its a six and not a 300SEL 6.3, given its modest single exhaust outlet.

CC 42 088 925

Even a genuine wood plank bed floor, but not Zebrano wood, I’m afraid.

CC 42 089 925

If the cab styling has a touch of Ford to it, the theme was carried inside as well, with what look like Ford seats. But that’s not a a Ford shifter, so no Powerstroke under the hood.

CC 42 085 925

Yes, this Benzamino likes to hang out with the big white Fords. I’d try to translate “Super Duty” into German, but I think something would get lost in the translation.