CC Capsule: Mini Then And Now


I was walking back to my studio a few days (sorry, last summer) ago and came upon this rather fortuitous pairing.  New Minis are rather common in Eugene;  seeing an original, however, not so much.  I loved the juxtaposition, and had to pull out my semi-smart phone and take some shots.


The perspective on my shots doesn’t really show just how mini the old Minis were.  Not that the new car is particularly big, but by comparison it seems rather normal.  Note the lifted Subaru Paul has posted before.  The old Mini tires looked to me like temp donuts.


I’m just now noticing the sunroof;  seems optimistic for a British car.  Or one in Eugene.

That’s about all I can think to add about the Minis but, true to Eugene, I couldn’t help but snap a few more interesting shots.  Both of these next cars have been on CC before, but hey.


Quite the swinger.  This was once Paul’s alter-ego van.

Speaking of art-cars:


This Death Taurus is a fixture around the Whit, and seems to be in a constant state of flux.

I put my phone away and continued a long walk, the dying sun indicating I would not likely find any more compelling shots, until I passed this scene and couldn’t resist a snap: