CC Outtake: Rust? No, Just Lichen And Other Organic Growth – But He Cannot Read The License Plate Frame

CC 241 106 1200

Despite an extremely sunny and warm winter, the growths on this old Econoline van haven’t all succumbed to the dry air, although there is a noticeable lack of moss. And the RUST bumper sticker?

CC 241 106 crop

Jerry Rust was a five-term county commissioner. Who knows for which of his many campaigns that sticker was put on for, but it got a lot of mileage. Ok, so that was the easy one. Now how about the Latin on that license plate protector? I took Latin at Loyola, but my mind was perpetually elsewhere. Well, it didn’t take much to figure out that it says “He cannot read the Craecum”.  But what exactly is a/the Craecum? Finding a simple definition is hard to come by on the web, but it’s perhaps a compendium of sorts. Anybody out there that can give us a better explanation of what this license plate frame is trying to tell us?

CC 241 108 1200

From the ’05 license plate registration sticker, tis van has been immobile here for some time. And hence the organic exterior decor.

CC 241 107 1200

This side is in better shape, undoubtedly because it’s exposed to the bright western sun, the enemy of lichens and such. These gen2 Econolines are getting a bit scarce on the streets, and have taken to hiding in the driveways. Here’s Jim Cavanaugh’s CC on this generation.