CC Capsule: Peugeot 504 Pickup – Bound For Africa?

Peugeot 504 pickup fq

(first posted 1/13/2013)  In the Peugeot 504 CC I showed you a few overloaded pickups in Africa. CC reader spotted this one in his native Switzerland–but he thinks it’s very likely heading off for a tough non-retirement in Africa. In his words: Out of Africa or Bound for Africa? This trusty old Peugeot 504 truck visited my neighborhood during the summer. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was headed for one of the car export lots in the area…

Peugeot 504 pickup bed

Pickup trucks are a rare sight in Switzerland. Plus, with a bed in this shape, (there’s) no chance of passing the vehicle inspection. Fortunately for the owner, this truck is registered in France. It has seen some pretty heavy use, given how the steel is sagging between the braces.

Peugeot 504 pickup int

The 504 Pickup has a different dash than the sedan and wagon. And it has the column shifter, which leaves room for the third passenger–or sixth, as the case soon may be in Africa.

Peugeot 504 pickup r

The two most dominant pickups in Africa are the 504 and the Toyota Hilux. This one may be heading to Africa to reinforce the shrinking fleet of 504s, but it’s too late to change the Toyota tide.