CC Capsule: The Ultimate No-Body? 1990 Olds Cutlass Calais International HO – “How About Strato-Weave Upholstery?”

Jack Lord’s piece today on the N-Bodies suggests that these delectable delights are getting a bit scarce on the road. That’s because they’ve all retired to Eugene (Oregon, that is). They’re everywhere here, and I’ve accumulated a very full collection of No-Bodies indeed. But since Jack beat me to it, I’ll just give you a little peek at the N-Body peak experience: a 1990 Cutlass Calais International with the  full-on 180 hp HO engine. And a very bizarre rear wrap-around spoiler that somehow evokes the fins from the fifties. Or a pickup bed. Or am I just so bedazzled, that I’m not seeing straight anymore?

Here’s a closer look at that rear appendage. As if the that stubby tail wasn’t high enough already, but now it’s accentuated further. It’s just the thing to inspire fear and shame in BMW drivers.

Yes, the business end. The 180 hp Quad 4 was a beast indeed, striking terror in Mustangs across the land, as well as the hands of its drivers fighting its torque steer. Like so many things GM, the Quad 4 had some real strengths, but what a car to stick it in. Oh well…  Oh, and about the Strato-Weave Upholstery? If you can stomach it long enough, the following sales training video for the Cutlass Calais International will impress you with its many benefits.