CC Capsule: Toyossan Double-Cab Pickup

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The Japanese pickup manufacturers have been building crew cab compact trucks for over over thirty years, but saw fit to withhold them from the US market until much more recently, with the 1995 Tacoma in the case of Toyota. That didn’t stop the owner of this N50 series Toyota long wheelbase heavy duty truck from making his own, thanks to a rear cab unit from a Nissan Frontier.

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Sergio is a tile contractor, and he knew exactly what he wanted in the ideal truck for his work. He found the basis in a long-wheelbase one-tonner, as used by U-Haul and RV makers.

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It has the heavy duty dual wheel rear axle, and the very durable 3VZ-E SOHC 3.0 Liter V6, which has 0ver 341k miles on it. Then he took some welding and body work classes at our local community college, found himself the rear cab portion from a Nissan Frontera, and went to work. That was not as easy as expected, as the Nissan cab was a couple inches wider than the Toyota. It had to be narrowed to fit, and it does quite well.

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It’s not totally obvious from this picture, but he finished off the interior in a very professional way, blending in the roof liner and interior trim. He configured the rear compartment to haul tools, but the platform can be readily removed and the seat reinstalled for passenger hauling. And then of course a nice little dump bed in the back. Let’s just say I was impressed enough to get Sergio’s business card, and if I ever need a tile contractor, he’s getting a call from me. This guy does nice work.

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