CC Capsule: VW Shorty Pickup

CC 66 060 800

Now here’s a well-preserved flash from the past. VW kits of every possible permutation were the rage in the seventies and into the eighties. The Beetle’s construction lent itself superbly to the task. A few bolts released the body from the platform, which could also be quite easily cut and shortened. The resulting short bed pickup variation makes quite the little hauler, although one wonders of an un-shortened platform wouldn’t have been a wee bit more useful. Ride and handling? Don’t ask. Although this profile shows off its best side, there’s a bonus or two in the other shots:

CC 66 058 800

No self-respecting kit car from this vintage would be authentic without a grafted-on grill; either a gen-u-ine Mercedes number like this one, a fake Rolls Royce, or the very popular ’37 Ford.

CC 66 061 800

Load capacity is a bit limited, but easy to get to. As is the engine. But the best vintage piece on this ‘dub? The steering wheel.

CC 66 064 800

That’s quite a nice vintage Empi wheel, and one I haven’t seen in decades. The frost on the window is what it’s like driving a beetle in cold weather, except it forms on the inside, from your breath.