CC Capsule: XP-HUMM-E – The Electric Wood Canoe

Now that I’m bach-ing it for a month, I actually have to endure the humiliation of shopping, my almost-least favorite activity (and fortunately (or not), Stephanie’s almost-favorite activity). But that opens some new vistas, as parking lots get visited by cars that otherwise don’t hang out on the street. Like this home-built electric three-wheeler; I’ve seen it humming on the streets before, but never caught up with it. So here we meet at last, and I can share the builder’s obvious two loves: wooden boats and EVs.

Let’s take a quick tour, from bow to stern. Nice craftsmanship; I suspect he tends to avoid parallel parking on streets.

Like so many rwd trikes, this one also uses a VW front suspension.

Unlike boats that proudly display their names on the stern, this one goes on the…what is the side of a boat called? Oh, right; gunwale.

The cockpit shows off the inner structure, which was wisely not made from wood.

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For the perpetually curious onlookers, the owner has wisely made a fact sheet, as well as a website: It’s a well designed rig of this sort, the kind of lightweight urban runabout for which conventional lead-acid batteries are fairly well suited.

A motorcycle donor-mobile makes up the stern end. I could enjoy bopping around town in this on a sunny day. Now if it were amphibious too, that would be something. Canoeing or kayaking down the Willamette River, which runs right through the heart of Eugene, requires a tedious car shuttle. Come on someone out there! There’s a real market for an amphibious EV. Doesn’t even have to be wood; in fact I’d just as soon it wasn’t. I’m not wild about annual varnishing.