CC Capsule: 1957 Dodge Town Wagon – Laying In Wait


Every time I go from my rural hometown to the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and/or Saint Paul, I pass a particular mini-storage outfit. There are many such places around, but this one is noteworthy for the old and odd wrecks they often have for sale out front. Usually they’re ’50s and ’60s sleds that look to be fresh out of some farmer’s field – but on this day, there was something different.


It’s a Dodge Town Wagon. Add one more to the ‘models I didn’t know existed’ list.


Several minutes of research tell me this is likely a 1957. But don’t quote me on that. I only just learned that there was such a beast.


It’s surely seen better days, but at least the body looks clean. Finding parts might be an issue.


Hey buddy, your barn door’s open!


Room for the whole family is pending.


Nice, basic dashboard. No frills. No complications.


Under the hood we find a flathead straight six – perhaps a 230, making all of 132 horsepower if so. Does it turn? No idea, but it would be fun to find out.


Alaska plates, last renewed in 1976. This one surely has some stories to tell.