CC Meetup- LA Auto Show


Not to sound like a broken record, but those of us living in LA see an unbelievable variety of automobiles. Not only is the town littered with cars from the past, but the streets also include glimpses of the future, as captured here. I shot this prototype from the driver’s seat of my Miata a couple of Saturdays ago. Checking the internet, it turns out this 2015 Mini prototype has appeared on several sites, and the car itself premiered last week at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

LA-Auto-Show 1

This research reminded me that last month, reader Leo suggested we have a CC Meetup at the Auto Show. Perhaps sighting this protoype represented a new CC effect… At any rate, I decided to follow through on Leo’s idea, and invite LA readers to join me 3 PM Saturday  (November 30th) at the LA Convention Hall for the largest Auto Show west of the Misssisippi.

Since the show covers two halls of the convention center, let’s meet up outside the West Hall in front of Tim Allen’s 1968 Camaro (pictured below).


To help stand out in the crowd, I’ll be wearing my less than subtle flame shirt, pictured below (Everyone needs a flame shirt, but there’s so few venues where they really fit in).


I understand that 3 PM Saturday may not meet everyone’s schedule, so if LA readers wish to promote an alternative, feel free to use the comments section to propose a different date or time for your own meet up. For those who can make it at 3 PM Saturday, I’ll see you there! D/S