CC Capsule: 1960 Rambler American – Nash Rambler II

This Rambler American has been sitting with some eclectic company for many years. Hiding behind a chain link fence, it is a car rarely seen these days, but it was a boon to a fledgling American Motors in the late Fifties.

The original Nash Rambler simultaneously helped Nash and hurt it. While sales of the new luxury compact were very good, it doomed the full size Nash line to the point of extinction in 1957. The original Rambler lasted to 1955, when it received new full front wheel cutouts and a new grille. It was a one-year wonder though, being replaced with an all-new Rambler for ’56. For a while…

In 1958, it returned as the new Rambler American. The standard Ramblers continued as usual. This was a new budget model, and in recessionary 1958, it sold well. Available in a two door sedan or two door wagon, it was basically a 1955 Rambler with a new grille and larger rear wheel cutout.

These rehashed early Fifties Ramblers carried on through 1960, when a four door sedan was added. The American would get some new threads in 1961, but would remain the same otherwise, right down to its flathead six cylinder engine.

Our featured CC is definitely a ’60, as that was the only year the four door sedan came with the 1958-era sheetmetal. While it’s definitely been sitting a while, it still looks fairly solid. The antique vehicle plate suggests it was someone’s baby at some point in time.

With its simple, no-nonsense mechanicals, it may still have some life left in it yet. Let’s hope it can find the right owner and hit the road again.