Here’s A CC I’d Like To Find: 1957 Nash Ambassador – The End Of The Road

Nash 1957 front

Who could have imagined that the storied name Nash would disappear so quickly? Ironically, the merger of Nash and Hudson killed both nameplates, leaving Rambler to take up the battle to carve out an existence in a brutally competitive market. The 1957 Nash Ambassador was the last, but not the least: 327 cubic inch V8, 255 hp, Hydramatic, and those famous reclining seats. No wonder a friend of mine in Iowa was so thrilled to find one in 1973. 


On the return from one of my many wanderings, he proudly showed me his latest ride, a ’57 Ambassador, with an even more garish three-tone paint job than this one. Back in the early seventies, old farmers’ cream puff going-to-church-on-Sunday cars were still easy and cheap to come by. And what a fine ride it was: that powerful new 327 AMV V8 backed by a “Flashaway” Hydramatic.  Bet he wishes he’d kept it. Only 3600 big Nashes were sold in 1957 before the plug was pulled.