CC Capsule: 1962 Ford F-800 Fire Truck – The Prodigal Pumper Returns

This past Election Day as I exited my polling place, there sat this vintage fire truck. Naturally I photographed it. As it wore the livery of the local FD, I figured it had been hauled out of mothballs for this occasion. But as I photographed it, one of the guys sitting with it came up to me to tell me its story.

Turns out this ’62 pumper served faithfully for some 30 years before being sold. It was thought it would continue service in another fire department, and not another thought was given to it. Then last year it appeared for sale online, and members of the Zionsville fire department happened to find the listing. It was in neighboring Illinois just sitting in a field, so they drove out to look, and wound up buying it and bringing it home. Somehow it retained its original ZFD markings on the doors.

The plan is to restore it for use in parades and at local events. The Boone County Firefighters Association is spearheading the restoration and is accepting donations. Checks only to 1533 W. Oak Street, Suite 140, Zionsville, IN 46077.