CC Capsule: 1963 Buick Skylark – Barely Clinging To Stage 5

My brother was thrilled to have his NY-based Olds 98 featured on CC the other day; as he said to me, the comments section is always the best reading. So he’s been inspired to share a few more gems with us, including this near-decrepit Buick. If I refer to David Saunders’ rating system, this would appear to be in Stage 5 condition, but for how much longer?

From front-on, things don’t seem so bad. Its the sort of beater that would have made for genuine backdrop in a movie like Fort Apache, The Bronx – heavily patinated after quite a number of New York winters but solid and apparently still able to move under its own power.

From the rear, things take a turn for the worse. Then again, it does make for mesmerising viewing compared with today’s appliance cavalcade parked around it.

So long as the underskin essentials stay alive, I don’t see this moving beyond Stage 5 anytime soon. Yay!

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