CC Capsule: Not A Mustang II – 1965 Ford Falcon Futura

Falcons seem to be seeking me out lately… I spotted this gem on the way to work recently, and after checking my clock (“Yeah, I’ve got time!”), I did a 180 and grabbed some quick photos of this pristine second-gen Futura.

The Ford Falcon has been written up numerous times here at CC, so I won’t go into a lot of the history other than to restate that the second gen Falcon was a two-year-only design. Around the same time as this design came out, Ford introduced another car aimed at secretaries and the like, which ended up stealing the show from the purposeful Falcon.

Although the Cruise-O-Matic automatic transmission was available in 1965, this car appears to be a “row your own” three-on-the-tree model.

“Jet Age” styling was still very evident, with “Full Afterburner” taillights and chrome detailed style lines intended to imply much faster speed than any of the six available engine options would permit, including the Sprint Package.

As with many of my finds, this particular car is For Sale, but no price was listed on the sign in the window. My guess is it will bring a pretty penny… and whoever does take it home will have a fine piece of automotive history to enjoy, even if it will always be overshadowed by it’s more popular sibling.