CC Outtake: 1965 International Pickup – Go Where You Want to Go

Finding an International pickup of this vintage is unusual.  It is especially unusual if it’s a 3/4 ton 4×4.  So when I saw this recently, I was compelled to cut a “u-ie” in the F-150 to grab a picture for more than just my enjoyment.

It appears to have had a name on the door.  It is possible the name belonged to a private party given the model year and former Missouri state law requiring owners to place their names on their pickups.  The law disappeared in the 1970’s as did the production of International’s light duty pickups.  International made their last light-duty pickup in 1975.

The old girl looks like she is ready for the adventure of a weekend trip in the woods.  She wants to tackle some poor roads – or somewhere there is no road at all.