CC Capsule: 1966 Chrysler 300 – Aging Wallflower

I snapped these pictures at the same spot I found the weirdo custom Seville, and while there is nothing exactly amazing about this car, it’s a nice example of a clean old car that you don’t see much any more.

We’ve covered cars like this before, but never a non-letter 300 of this vintage that I’m aware of.  Sounds like a good enough reason to me!  These and other photos of this car can be found at the Cohort.

You have to hand it to Elwood Engel; after picking up the pieces from one of the most eccentric designers ever, he whipped Chrysler’s cars into shape in a hurry.  The result is mostly clean, subdued styling across the line.

I like a good nose, and I think this qualifies.  It has a bit of a menacing look when viewed head-on, don’t you think?

I also like a good hood ornament.

The rear emblem is a variation on the theme, and I like it as well.

The body sides looks more scooped out in person than they do in these pictures.  I never cared for this detail until I spent a few minutes up close and personal with this car.  I also really like the detailing of this tail light design.

The net effect of the rear treatment is a bit cleaner and more cohesive than the front, I think, and the designers did a good job of making this model have the faintest undertone of sporty, powerful character somewhere just under the chrome.

This part is probably my favorite part about these big ’60s Chryslers.  I love how far back the rear axle is, and if you look back up at the first couple of pictures, notice the huge rear overhang.  There was no other reason for this crazy excess than style, baby!

I didn’t quite know what to make of the overall condition of this car.  You can’t tell it much in these shots, but whoever painted the car was better at painting than whoever did the body prep.  It had obviously had the trim either removed entirely or it was masked off VERY thoroughly, but the body itself had visible texture that it shouldn’t have under the very decent paint.  And then you have this driver’s seat in an otherwise very clean old interior…this thing is probably a 20-year-old restoration that got driven a fair bit afterward and is now for sale again.

Power windows are featured in this comfy 300’s interior.  Don’t you love the chrome on the seat backs?

What do you figure this car is worth, assuming there is nothing scary underneath and it has whatever the average wedge engine is in good shape?  $5500?