CC Capsule: 1969 Volkswagen 1300 (Type 1) – Get Black

Like many people around the world, I’ve been watching Peter Jackson’s 9-hour-long Get Back documentary. I highly recommend it. It casts a new light on the Beatles’ difficult final year, through their own words. It’s far more complex than Michael Lindsay-Hogg’s 1970 documentary Let It Be, which was made from the same material, and it includes several performances I’d never heard before. It makes for essential viewing for Beatles fans and non-fans alike.

The Beatles made me think of the Beetle. Can’t think why. And it just so happens I had this sexy 1969-ish Bug in my files, so something kind of clicked. After all, the VW Type 1 is one of the cars associated with the group, being featured on the cover of Abbey Road. Is that the only link between the Fab Four and the flat-4? Maybe, but surely others can be conjured up.

Let’s see. A Beetle is reliable as hell (Don’t Let Me Down). It put Germany back on its four wheels after the war (Revolution), conquered America and the world (Across the Universe), and was extremely popular with Boomers (When I’m Sixty-Four), but really appealed to all generations (Come Together). It started as very basic and rather underpowered, but was gradually improved (Getting Better) without losing its original spirit.

Our feature car’s paintwork is splendid, I definitely Dig It. Baby’s In Black – a classic and classy hue for the Type 1, and when I Saw Her Standing There, this Bug demanded to be photographed. It almost called out “Don’t Pass Me By” as I looked at it. Don’t Ask Me Why.

Do You Want To Know A Secret? I prefer it when Beetles are not too modified (my policy is Let it Be), but with this one, it’s almost like Every little Thing has been given a special treatment, Here, There And Everywhere.

As I said before, I’ve Got A Feeling this VW never came out of Wolfsburg like this, as it seems to marry older-style fenders with a post-‘68 body. I’d say You Can’t Do That, but someone obviously did. It’s also probable that the colour isn’t original (someone must’ve said “Paint It Black…” Oops, wrong band!), but that particular mod Don’t Bother Me.

Could you fit four Liverpudlians All Together Now in a Beetle? Maybe not to go out for a Day Tripper or some kind of Magical Mystery Tour, but for a short distance. If it had to last A Day In The Life, that would surely be sheer Misery. Beyond the lack of legroom, the car might not be able to Carry That Weight.

Apologies for this Long And Winding Road post, but the Things We Said Today needed to be said and we’re finally reaching The End. If I made one of my trademark misdiagnoses about this Beetle, all I can say is I Should Have Known Better. Do please point them out in the comments section, and in case you get No Reply, thank you in advance for your Help!