CC Capsule: 1971 Plymouth Road Runner – A Golden Ray Of Much Needed Sunshine

There’s no doubt parts of the continental United States have had some bone-chilling temperatures this winter.  A polar vortex last week brought temperatures of -8 Fahrenheit (-22 C) according to my outside thermometer; being on the southern end of the vortex, there were many places that experienced far colder temperatures than here.

While it’s warmed up considerably (as much as 70 degrees Fahrenheit in less than five days), the twelve-hour forecast for the February 5 time of this writing has a mild likelihood for freezing rain.  Yay.

So seeing this golden Road Runner earlier today as I left work was a boost of feel-good mixed with signs that False Spring may be here.

For those in less meteorologically entertaining locales, False Spring is that brief period of warm weather in February that taunts you into thinking winter is over early.  It’s generally followed by Return of Winter; this has often been marked with hellacious snow falls as late as mid-March.

Regardless, the owner of this Road Runner should be commended.  I’ve seen this Road Runner out running roads periodically the last few years, with one of those times being during a similar cold snap last winter.

So, yeah, seeing this Road Runner that proudly proclaimed it was powered by a non-original 360 provided a welcomed rush of enthusiasm for the tenacity of an old Plymouth, the joys of old car ownership, and how winter is temporary.

This Mopar ray of sunshine also drove home how a nicely colored Plymouth can be the most captivating car in the parking lot.

Found February 5, 2018, at a random McDonald’s in Jefferson City, Missouri