Cohort Outtake: Morris Marina Found On The Streets In The UK – Is There One Left On The Streets In The US?

CC Cohort Nathan Williams shot this Marina somewhere on the streets in the UK. It’s one of those cars I’ve pretty much given up ever finding on the streets in the US. Maybe there’s one or two that show up at British car shows, but as far as a genuine CC, forget it.

And it’s not just me; nobody else here at CC has found one either. Our man in the UK Roger Carr did a CC on the Marina, but his examples were all found at car shows.

The Marina’s disappearance in the US was remarkably swift. I don’t know how many were sold during its ill-fated three year run here (1973-1975), but they seemed to all evaporate within a remarkably short time, along with the Plymouth Cricket. The two British Phantoms.

According to Wikipedia, the US accused BL of dumping the Marina in the US (selling it below cost). I’m not sure what exactly that was based on or who initiated that. It certainly wasn’t the Big 3, as they were infinitely more worried about the Japanese invasion at the time. The Marina was not on anyone’s radar, especially the buying public’s. It was an unmitigated flop here. And it, along with the Austin America (Austin 1300), became the butt of endless jokes about BL. The Marina is the poster child of everything that went wrong with BL, especially so in America.

No wonder there’s none left here. But wherever this is in the UK, there’s this Marina. A true survivor, if ever there was one.