CC Capsule: 1987 Mercury Topaz XR5

A few days ago I was driving around and spotted this mint Topaz with a spoiler. That got my attention. Upon closer inspection it proved to be an XR5 Topaz.

Personally, I did not even know that Mercury built an XR5 edition of the Topaz, though I should have speculated that it was done. In fact ’87 was the first year for it. The owner of this one was outside and we chatted about his car. He bought it new and custom ordered it. Not surprisingly, the XR5 package included a five speed transmission.

The whole car is like new, he keeps it under a cover normally and that’s why I never noticed it before. The seat covers are on to protect the mint original seats. And check out those factory XR5 wheels.

Under the hood resides an HO version of Ford’s HSC 2.3 four banger, which sported all of ninety-four horses and one thirty five lbs of torque. Even though that ain’t much, I bet it feels fairly peppy mated to the five speed.

The owner seemed pretty proud of her; he had the hood up to let it cool off before putting it back under the cover. Though I can’t say a Mercury Topaz would have been my choice for a sporty coupe back in ’87, I wish him and it the best of motoring for many years to come.