CC Outtake: 1947 International KB-1 “Woody” – Must Be A Carpenter In The House

The car cruise I attended in Iowa City back in May had quite a few interesting motors beyond the ’55 New Yorker. Funny how going to the same cruise-in year after year can blind you to things. I had seen this 1940s IH pickup many times before, but my uncle brought a pretty interesting feature of it to my attention. I have no idea if it was a new addition or had been on it for years. A classic symptom of car show overload…

I knew this pearlescent “Kermit” green truck was an IH, but had to do a little research to figure out the year. I’m sure our Cornbinder scholars will correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it is an early postwar KB-1, as seen in this classic vintage advertisement. Let’s say a ’47, for the sake of argument.

At first glance, you might think it was a prewar version due to that narrow grille, but if you look closely you can see the holes in the fenders for the side grilles, which for some reason are missing. But the front is not the best part of this truck.

The best part is this custom wooden bed cover, which had a Thunderbird-type motif on it (click for a larger picture). Perhaps the owner has a T-Bird too? Either way, it was very cool, and the wood just glowed, despite the rainy, overcast day. Nice truck!