CC Capsule: 1991 Citroën CX Evasion – Last Chance Wagoon


As a companion piece to Paul’s CX article, I dug out a few pics I took this summer when I went back to the old country. I spent a little time down south, where the relatively dry Mediterranean climate is conducive to keeping old iron on the roads – kind of like California, I guess, but less affluent. So said old iron is usually in less than mint condition.

Citroën CXs are definitely no longer part of daily life in France. It has been 25 years since they’ve stopped making them, so that’s pretty normal. But they’re not exactly rare either. Down south, seeing a CX (or a Méhari, a Renault 4, a Peugeot 505 or even the odd Talbot) is not unexpected. I bumped into this tired but well-cared-for CX Evasion around noon.


Glare from the Provence sun did not help my feeble photographic abilities. Interior shots were downright impossible. But you play the hand you’re dealt. As soon as I started snapping away, I heard a voice calling out (with a typical Provencal French accent): “She’s beautiful, eh?” The owner of the beast was observing me from a window two floors above the garage – directly above the CX. I replied that she was, indeed, beautiful.

It seems this Series II CX Evasion (“One of the last ones”, as the owner pointed out) might be going elsewhere soon. The owner said it had over 360,000 km (about 224,000 miles) on the clock and that he preferred using his newer Audi. But he also said the CX was unbeatable in terms of interior space and comfort.


I forgot to ask what kind of engine this car had. It should be a 2.2 or 2.5 litre Diesel, as it seems the CX “break” (wagon) only had those after 1987. The 1990-91 model Citroën CX were only in wagon form, as the new XM had replaced the CX saloon. Citroën farmed out the final CXs to clear the way for their new model: about 4500 CX Evasion like this one were made by Heuliez, a coachbuilder in western France, in 1990-91.

It’s getting late here. So no, I won’t trawl the never-ending web to find interior shots of a Series II CX. Instead, I’ll end this post with a couple of pictures that I took years ago of the Projet L – Citroën’s first draft of the CX, made exactly 20 years before this Evasion. That way, you’ll have both CXtremes: the very first and the very last of this very weird and wonderful automobile.

Citr_ProjetL_Front imag1440