CC Saab Day Capsule: 1992 Saab 900S – Among The Last “Real” Saabs


On this Saab Day I thought I’d share photos of a Saab I recently got to ride in. My friend Amy owns this ’92 900S, and it’s her daily driver. As Curbside Classics go, this one’s not really all that old. But it’s one of the last “real” Saabs – production ended on them in 1993, and all further Saabs were GMs in thin disguise.


Amy didn’t want me to show this side of her car because of a couple rust spots. But they make this car an authentic Curbside Classic – older, noteworthy, unrestored, still doing the job it was meant to do. Under Amy’s care, this Saab should push on for many more thousands of miles. That’s due in no small part to the good relationship she’s built with her mechanic. But don’t underestimate Amy, who is standing on the sidewalk in the photo. She’s mechanically inclined, making her living as a metalsmith. She can drop a mean weld. “My mechanic likes me,” she says, “because I always know exactly what’s wrong with my car.”


The S in 900S means that a 16-valve DOHC engine lies under the hood. When you see an S-less 900, you know it has an 8-valve SOHC version of the same engine, a 2.0 L slanted inline 4. This 900S motored us around Amy’s Chicago neighborhood all day in comfort and style.