CC Capsule. Alfistissimma!


Captured this interesting combination of Alfas recently. I’m going to take a wild guess and say that they all belong to the same household, particularly when you consider that they live smack-bang in the middle of Range Rover Sport & Vogue/Porsche Panamera & Cayenne & Macan/BMW X5 & X6 territory. Which makes them an all the more welcome sight.


First up is an Alfetta GTV. This is a 2.5L V6 model with a bit of aftermarketness about it. It’s a later version of the body that came with the V6 hood protrusion and larger plasticised bumpers, but I don’t think those colour-coded ‘ground effects’ appendages are OEM, nor are the wheels. Please advise if I’m wrong. The original body with the chrome bumpers is one of my favourite ever shapes and even though I’m not totally feeling the love for this exact car, its interesting to see how the crispness of the body remains.


Next is an Alfa 75, or ‘Milano’ for USians. Not the prettiest of the three, but the most interesting. It features the Quadrifoglio Verde version of the 3.0 V6, which makes it the hottest of the 75 variants. Quadrifoglio means ‘four-leaf’ in Italian, and ‘Verde’ means green. When you see a green four-leaf clover badge on an Alfa from this period, it usually means that you’re looking at something approximating the GT version of the model. The engine comes from the Alfa 164 sedan and produces 141 kW, the highest output for any road 75.


Speaking of the Alfa 164, it makes up the last of our trio. This one also features the 3.0L V6, but with 132 kW, and in a heavier FWD package than the RWD 75. Particularly in bog standard road trim like this it is such a great-looking shape, styled by Enrico Fumia at Pininfarina using the same styling vernacular as the Peugeot 405. I was offered a pristine one of these for $3K a few years ago, but since I wasn’t looking for another car, I declined. Maybe one day…


Sometimes two of these cars are absent at the same time, so I’m figuring they belong to a couple. It might even be the fleet for a whole a family of Alfisti. Perhaps a wagon is on the horizon.