QOTD: What Were the Most Interesting Cars on the Street where You Grew Up?


Earlier today, Brendan Saur shared a picture of some of the cars on his street when he was but a tot. Which made me think, do we car-crazed people who hang around here ever forget the cars on the streets where we grew up?  I know I haven’t.

The cars in the neighborhood where I was raised were somewhat older than those around the home of five-year-old Brendan.  But I remember them vividly.  I was born in 1959 and lived in a middle class subdivision that was about my age.  Most neighbors bought their cars new, and an Oldsmobile or Buick was mostly as extravagant as anyone got.  I won’t go into a house-by-house list (although I could) but will share a few of the most interesting.  First was the red 1964 Studebaker Avanti that my best friend Tim’s dad bought new and kept until long after I had moved away.  The hot one with the supercharged R-2 engine and the four speed stick, it is a car I have never forgotten.


Tim’s mom later got a hot red ’72 AMC Javelin AMX with gold hood stripes, bucket seats and a 360.  The ’72 Javelin was not all that common as it was, but the tricked-out AMX was  much more of a rarity than I understood at the time.


I also had Pontiac GTOs coming at me from both sides of my house, and can count a 1965, ’66, ’68 and ’71 models, all of which I rode in.  The navy blue ’65 was owned by an indulged kid, but the others were owned by a buddy’s mother.  Of the four, the ’71 was the only automatic.


Finally, there was the elderly couple a block behind us who liked their Imperials, which they always bought used.  At different times, they had a 1964, a ’67 and a ’72, any one of which I would love today.

So, howabout you?  What were the most interesting cars on the street where you grew up?