CC Capsule: Another Plymouth Acclaim – I Met a Metaghost in Lillooet

We drove up to Lillooet, in the rainshadow mountain desert north of Vancouver, for a few days over Thanksgiving this past October. Just before we departed for home, taking our last round of pics, I spotted a familiar shape in a familiar colour.

Lookit there, it’s the apparent ghost of my last ’91 Spirit, which in its turn was the ghost of Peter Wendt’s ’90 Saratoga.

Maybe not a ghost, but surely a kindred spirit of the one Jim Grey showed a couple hours ago; this one is a ’91-’92 model, too. But unlike that car, this one bears no V6 emblem, so it’s got the wheezy but smooth and durable TBI 2.5-litre 4-pot (and the archaic but dependable A470 3-speed TorqueFlite transaxle rather than the advanced but fragile A604 ProbleMatic 4-speed).

Also, this one’s been hit with oddly close precision: the right fender is pranged abaft of the wheel, but the damage stops abruptly at the leading edge of the door. What causes highly localised damage like this? Steel-toed boot…?

Other than that, the car appears clean and straight. It’s got two (rear) original wheel covers, and it’s probably still dependable and cheap to run.

I didn’t step up for closer scrutiny; the car was on private property and there was a great deal of grand scenery to stock up on before heading home.