CC Capsule: Morris Minor 1000 – Let’s All Play “What The Hell Is This Car Doing Here?”

In the never-ending hunt to find and photograph curbside classics, you never know when you’ll come upon something that is a real head-scratcher. To wit: this Morris Minor 1000, which I found parked at a large park in Zionsville, Indiana. How did it get here?

The car doesn’t wear an Indiana license plate, deepening the mystery. Unless someone lowered it into this space from an airplane, it had to drive on local roads to be here.

Actually, I’m sure some Zionsvillian, probably someone well known around here, owns this car and occasionally drives it short distances around town. The Zionsville police probably know all about this car’s owner and pretend not to notice when they see this car out and about. Zionsville is that kind of place.

Morris made Minors for years and years and I’m not going to try to figure out when this one was made. I see that the owner has fitted wheels to this one that take modern tires, which I’m sure makes tires easier to source and makes the car a little more roadable. Good for him or her for taking it out for the occasional spin.