CC Capsule: Porsche 928 – A Victim of Entropy


(First Posted August 31, 2013)  On any street, I’d be hard pressed to miss this red 928. The swoopy body and “arrest me red” color choice catches my enthusiast eye, and draws me to the car in search of automotive perfection. However, closer examination tells an all too familar story…


A walkaround shows a dulling finish, and spots of thinning paint. No trailer queen, this 928 has led a rough life, and currently resides on the downhill side of entropy.


Both scientists and car owners have noted that nature tends to move all things from a state of order to a state of chaos, a principle known as entropy. Sun, rain and wind all work tirelessly to remove paint from sheetmetal, and gravity provides a constant downward pull on tires and springs. Ozone attacks rubber without surcease, and other forces beyond control eat away at every corner.


Taking a closer look, I searched for a sign of hope, some promise of redemption. Alas, all I found were scratches and stains brought forth by the ravages of time.


A look inside showed discolored panels, a lifting edge below the door arm rest, and center console cracking. So far, my closer look has not inspired confidence.


However, this final picture tells us all is not lost. Despite the body rust and sun faded trim, a ray of hope exists in the form of a black tablet laid under the back glass.

The only tool man has to fight entropy is energy. Adding energy to any system provides a restorative cure, and this Porsche includes that source of energy.  The black panel is a solar battery tender that maintains the car’s 12 volt battery. While it only provides a trickle of power, this simple device guarantees that the engine will start even after weeks of neglect.

This indicates the owner understands the battle between man and entropy. We can only hope he adds further energy into his 928, energy that reverses the environmental damage, drives away chaos, and restores order to this 928.