CC Capsule: Several Classic Fiats in Wheat Ridge, CO

The Denver area is recovering from a heavy weekend snowfall this week, so I dug out this much sunnier photo from last spring. The shop is called Apple Motors, where they have been repairing and customizing Fiats (and Yugos) for over thirty years.

The picture focuses on a Fiat Spider and two X1/9s, a Fiat version from the mid seventies, and a Bertone variant from the mid eighties.

In retrospect, I should have walked several yards east and snapped a few close ups of the maroon sedan in the background.

I’m not sure if I missed it at the time, or felt I had nothing to say, but so far no one has written up a complete CC on this generation Quattroporte. My bad…

In contrast, both the Spider and X1/9 have a complete CC write up along with a posting highlighting an R&T comparison test, linked here:

Fiat X1/9, Cheap and Cheerful

Fiat Spider, La Macchina

Vintage Review, X1/9 versus Spider