CC Capsule: Somewhere in Victoria

After our recent sojourn in Utah, ccognoscento jim has shared some of his own somewhere finds. This time that somewhere is the older outer suburbs of Melbourne, now sitting within the inner-middle thanks to our extraordinary urban sprawl.

The Jaguar appears to be an end-of-model semi-strippo MkII, either a 240 or 340. Most likely the former as these were introduced in 1967 as a stopgap before the XJ6 in 1968, after which the 240 continued but the 340 was canned. Easiest tell on these is the slim bumper with overriders.

The Peugeot 504 has the quad lamps. I’m not sure how it played out here but we also got the trapezoidal units. Maybe someone can chime in on this. My guess is roundies came towards the end of the model’s run. The foreground car would appear to be, in jim’s inestimable opinion, a 505.

If you thought from the previous pic this suburb is the model of bucolic bliss, let this one disabuse you of that. Same property. MGA.

Back to the bucolic; just around the corner sits this VC Valiant, to me the nicest shape to the AP5, AP6 and VC body series. In US parlance, pretty much the same as the 66 Plymouth Valiant.

This property has more deliciousness. My completely uninformed opinion on this is 1942/46 Buick. From the rectangular section at the base of the tail light; a Special.

And another.

Behind, a pre-Defender Land Rover. From the look of the canvas roof, this one looks like a biscuit tray – no side panels above the shoulder and drop-down windscreen. I tended to a friend’s during the winter month he would spend in Europe. Insanely fun vehicle to drive. Slow as, but takes corners like a sportscar because all the weight is in the chassis. All I needed was my very thick jacket and would be off for a jaunt.

Ok, now things start to get a bit random. R30 or 31 Skyline. Absolutely magnificent colour, can’t say the same for its condition.

But wait, it gets more random.

Parked out front, sitting in the gutter and sinking into the leaves. Porsche 928S. These things are starting to be quite numerous around town so maybe this one still has a chance at rehabilitation.

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