QOTD: How Much Would You Pay For An Exact Replica Of Your Car?

doug demuro scale model land rover defender

Owning a certified Curbside Classic comes with its own set of risks and rewards. There’s nothing like hearing a neighbor utter “That thing’s a time capsule!” to his partner in passing while you slowly drive by. There’s also a unique feeling that surfaces in your gut when you exit said classic only to find a substantial amount of coolant on your driveway and later, in your garage. Ask me how I know.

A scale model doesn’t leak or breakdown. And it is still a reasonable approximation of the car you presumably love. But how exact of a replica would you want if you had the ability to get it? Similarly, if that option wasn’t available, what would make you settle?

doug demuro scale model land rover

I became motivated to write this QOTD after seeing this video on Doug DeMuro’s second YouTube channel that discussed him reaching a significant milestone and his acquisition of what you see in the above picture. It’s an exact scale model of his 1997 Land Rover Defender. Basically, he wanted a scale model of his Defender but couldn’t really find an example that looked like his, so he asked ModelWorks Direct if they would build one for him. The company normally fabricates ships but it appears they are branching out to automobiles as well, which may have been a direct result of DeMuro’s video. In any event, it is definitely possible to get a scale model of any car you desire…

doug demuro scale model defender

…provided you have the cash to do so. DeMuro paid $1,500 for his Defender. You may scoff at that figure, but consider what he got for that money. It’s an incredibly detailed model. They even reproduced all the permits he has on his front bumper and his license plate too. And just look at that interior! As he says in the video, he is very happy with the final product. I cannot fault him for wanting a replica of one of his vehicles.

1986 ford taurus raging bull

That’s mainly because I would like some replicas of my own. Before DeMuro published his video I was considering writing up a QOTD asking all of you what model you’d like to see in diecast form. Aside from the Focus, I am unable to get a decent diecast model of my current or previous rides. As far as I can tell, only the first generation Sable wagon received a decent diecast model and that was from Matchbox. But I would want an exact representation of all my former daily drivers. So it would have to be a Taurus.

The question is, how much would I want to pay? Since I don’t have YouTube money, $1,500 is a bit much, especially because that’s not too far off from the sale price of the Taurus. For a 1:18 scale model of my 1989 Taurus I think $300 would be the maximum I’d be willing to pay. I’d be okay with paying the same amount for a custom 1997 Sable. As for the 1986 Taurus, I’d go as high as $400 if it matched the quality of DeMuro’s Defender. If I win the lotto or something I would gladly spend what he paid for his. But I’m probably not alone in that regard…right?

Anyway, what is the maximum dollar amount you’d feel comfortable paying for a scale model of your car, warts and all? And if you’d be okay with a diecast that didn’t look exactly like your car, how much would you fork over?