CC Capsule: Thrift Store Fords No. 1 – 1971 Ford LTD in “Resale Red”

I enjoy cruising through our local thrift stores from time-to-time in search of vintage small appliances or the occasional cheap sweater. If you have  time to parse the high noise-to-signal ratio, you can sometimes find some really good deals – I scored a fully-functional 1940s Smith Corona Skyriter portable typewriter for $5.00 once, for example. Occasionally, I’ll also luck out on finding a CC in the parking lot, as I did with this 1971 LTD Two-door Hardtop.

The 1971 Full-size Ford brochure shows a vinyl top on the LTD, and the trim on this car matches what should be on an LTD. So perhaps this car, like many aging men with Male Pattern Baldness, has gone for the ‘shaved’ look up top? At any rate, it sure looks nice with the white over red.

Here’s the (in)famous ‘Bunkie Beak,’ sans hidden headlights, a feature that was dropped beginning with the 1971 model year. It’s still a commanding nose—this car has presence… This car likely has the 6.6l (400 c.i.d.) V8 — there was also an optional 7.0l (429 c.i.d.) available.

Out back, we’re treated to the new-for-1971 horizontal brake lights with reflective center panel, exclusive to the LTD.

It’s hard to stereotype the typical thrift store customer — all kinds of folks shop there for all kinds of reasons. In this case, though, I noticed an older (than me, so late ’50s, early ’60s), and slightly portly gentleman in the other checkout lane when I left, and thought he might be the owner. Sure enough, I saw him getting in the car as I was pulling out…

It was nice to see a car that would normally have been cast off long ago being given a second life by someone. Perhaps the owner will luck out and find that missing trim piece during a future thrift store stop…

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