Here’s What Stephanie Really Wants: The Plasti-Dip Paint Job, That Is

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Ever since we picked the dark green Forester in 2000 because it was the advertised special, I’ve gotten grief over it from my better half. Stephanie likes color; and lots of it. Well, I actually do too, at least more so than I used to. A few gray Pacific North West winters will do that, at least to us. She’s been itching for something brighter to stand out among the hordes of other green Subarus, but given its age, I just couldn’t ever see spending the bucks on a real paint job, or even a vinyl wrap. But Plasti Dip may be the solution.

(it says that another video is more current, but that one does not really show the full process as well)

Eric Van Buren first mentioned it here  awhile back, and then I checked out the You Tube videos. With over 5 million views, I’m obviously coming to this party late (as usual). But it really doesn’t seem all that hard, and if color fatigue sets in, one just peels it off. The Forester sure be easier to find in a parking lot on a gray day.

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