CC Outtake: 2004 GTO Immobilized on Madison Meadow

Madison Meadow is a two acre undeveloped open space two blocks down the street from us on West 22nd. Ave. I have some considerable personal history with it, as I bought it on behalf of a group of neighbors who wanted to preserve it from a prospective dense development. I held it for two years while the group incorporated into a non-profit and raised the money to buy it from me, at no profit, of course. Deed restrictions I placed on the property mean that it can never be developed. Some more history is here, although my role is notably absent, as my relationship with the group turned rather acrimonious, but the end result was achieved.

Anyway, as I drive by it frequently, one day I noticed this customized GTO being attended to by someone. It went on all day. And then again the next day, so I stopped to inquire.

This is clearly not a stock GTO, with a blower now crowning its V8. And it’s also a very immaculate engine compartment. I noticed that the issues were (not surprisingly) electronic, as the owner was using at least two different electronic tools to diagnose it. Apparently there is anti-theft device function that disables the starter, and that was now in full force and not wanted. Something had thrown that device into that mode, and getting it to undo was not happening.

There’s one of the diagnostic tools he was using, on the far cylinder bank. What a change from decades past, when a supercharged hot car was very likely to have various mechanical issues. Not this GTO.

The owner was giving up after two days of his ministrations to the errant electrons, and the flatbed truck was now on its way.

The open engine compartment in front of the open space. One simple; the other complicated.

My relationship to the property is not totally severed, as I still own two small lots on the north-east corner, which the seller insisted upon, as he was interested in possibly buying back the old farmhouse there, after I renovated it. But it turned out to be too far gone, as the roof had been leaking for over a decade, and in 2011 I tore it down. This shot from 2010 is before that decision was finally made.

here’s how it looks now. I had to get a building permit for house on the rear lot (what looks like one lot is divided in the middle, from left to right), as the codes changed a few years back restricting what can be built on an alley access lot. I put up a For Sale sign last summer, but my asking price was apparently a bit ahead of the market then. But I’m going to have to do something about it before long. Am I up to building another house? Preferably not.

How’s that for digressing. GTO? What GTO?