CC Capsule: International Harvester Metro – Ice Cream From A Curbside Classic! Yay!


1200 IH Metro 2

The International Harvester Metro step van has had its praises sung here already, in an article by Paul hailing it as the first and greatest step van, and another by Jim Grey about an auction find.  Seeing one live and in action is a special treat, though, especially when it sells frozen treats in the middle of the summer.  In Washington, DC, this vehicle stands out among the fleet of trendy food trucks for both its nostalgic style and what it sells.

1200 IH Metro 1

Goodies Frozen Custard & Treats began in 2012 selling gourmet frozen custard, sundaes, shakes, and other frozen and baked goodies from a colorful 1952 International Harvester Metro.  Dubbed “Gigi,” the van is as much a part of their business as the food that they sell.  With almost every food truck in the city being a boxy Chevrolet or Grumman Olson step van, Goodies’ streamlined Metro gives them a distinctive identity that is clearly visible even without seeing their logo.  It has become a stylish and colorful presence at popular food truck spots around the city, shown here only two blocks away from the Capitol Building, selling frozen treats to tourists and Congressional staffers.

1200 IH Metro 3

This Metro probably was significantly more expensive to purchase than a newer generic step van and must be more expensive to maintain and repair as well, so the people behind Goodies deserve commendation for staking their business on a classic.  It remains unique as far as I know, the lone classic food truck in the city, certain to bring a smile to your face on a summer day both for what it is and what it sells.