The Great Vega Hunt Is Over: Here’s A Splendid 1974 Vega With Its Original 2300 Engine, And It Could Be Yours!

Vega 1 1200

Last September, I announced the Great Vega Hunt: Find and document a running Vega with its original 2300 engine. The hunt turned up nothing except a few links to cars for sale, but with no absolute proof that they were original and running. But long-time CC reader and contributor Amazonray finally did it: he heard about this 1974 Vega, which is located in….Curbsidelandia, no less (Corvallis, OR, specifically). It’s had a rather interesting history, and it’s also for sale. Here’s your chance to own and drive one of the finest GM Deadly Sins anywhere.

Vega 2 1200

Obviously this Vega has had some love and attention lavished on it, including a non-stock paint job, which is shown to best effect in these nice sunset shots in a rural Oregon setting.

Vega 9 1200

Before we pop the hood, let’s take in the interior, which has also gotten a bit of attention.  Blue paint has found it’s way on the dash pad.

Vega 12 1200

There’s even a tachometer mounted on the steering column, a device of dubious value in an automatic Vega. Both engines available, the base 75 hp one-barrel and the optional 85 hp two-barrel both developed their power peak at a diesel-like 4,400rpm. Its vibrations were also rather diesel-like. As well as its performance, especially with an automatic. But the great news for 1974 was that the automatic was now a three-speed THM, the two-speed Powerglide having finally been given the heave-ho.

Vega 7 1200

I don’t know which version this one has, but I doubt it makes a whole lot of difference. By modern standards, this is going to be a leisurely ride. But a mighty clean one. By the looks of the four mounting studs for the air cleaner, I’m guessing there’s a two-barrel under it.

Vega 8 1200

Now there’s a bit of a qualifier in this winner of the Great Vega Hunt: its aluminum block has been lined with steel sleeves.  Finding an un-sleeved 2300 engine still running would really be a miracle. I’m told that this Vega has had two previous owners, both of whom were Service Writers at Lee Johnson Chevrolet in Kirkland, WA. so you know this baby has led a pampered existence. Who else but a Chevy Service Writer would keep one running, and lavish such love on it? The car has some 100k miles on it.

That steel plate on the side of the cast-iron cylinder head is not original, and I’m stumped as to why it’s there. But there it is, a well running 2300 engine.

Vega 3 1200

So this incredibly rare piece of history can now be yours, as it’s for sale. Brad is handling the sale for its owner, and his number is 541-619-5957. The asking price is…$5995.  That’s about twice what it cost new (not adjusted inflation); who says Vegas don’t hold their value?


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