CC Outtakes: Ford P6 Landau – Almost But Not Quite

The Curbside Classic Effect was in full effect last week. Just as I was putting the finishing touches to the XA coupe piece, another Ford coupe landed in my phone. I play a regular game of cellphone spotto pingpong convened by fellow CContributor jim, who passed these on from Rolla Matt. It’s a Ford Landau – rare enough, but my first with this front clip.

I wrote this gold example up a few years ago. It belongs to the mother of Gillian Macpherson, and Gillian chimed in to tell us a bit about the car. Her father bought this for her mother new in 1975, and she continues to drive it today. It seems from some of the other comments, as well as conversations I’ve had within the area, that she’s still driving it and is a bit of a legend amongst us admirers. Gillian tells us she’s ‘waaay more than 70’, but beyond that a gentleman never asks.

Since then, I’ve sighted a few more of the 1385 built at the time; the above example a little while back.

This is the only time I’ve been able to catch one in profile, and that flank looks even more voluminous than the already voluminous donor Hardtop body, thanks to the smaller rear side window. This one’s sitting on 12-slotters, a standard upgrade for models of this ilk and the fatties at the rear are a tuff touch.

John H left this white one in the comments of the last story, not in great condition but with the desirability and values for the tudors peaking at the moment, probably already refreshed.

This one approached me from far enough that I could pull out the phone for posterity. It too seems to be wearing 12 slotters, although with the accompanying hubcaps that one occasionally sees. Also visible, but barely, is an XB GT Hardtop grille just ahead of the rear wheels. Not OEM for the Landau.

Its lovely green on green is more apparent with the sun behind us.

Ok, now for a brief summation of the Landau history to explain today’s feature car. The Landau was based on the super-premium P5 LTD, which replaced the US-sourced Galaxie LTD over here in 1973.

The XB Hardtop lent its body to the Landau using a P5 LTD front clip. The rear side windows were re-shaped and the resulting graft work hidden under a vinyl roof.

In 1976, the P6 LTD got an overhaul. Though based on the P5, every panel but roof and doors were replaced with much squarer contours.

Ford Australia prepared a Landau proposal based on the P6 back in 1973. This seems to have included the front clip of the P6, although the trim along the lower flanks never made it onto the LTD. At the rear, the light units from the P6 were to replace the strip unit from the P5. Ultimately they decided to can the super-premium two door altogether.

So are we looking at a long lost prototype? Front says yep.

Rear says nope. I prefer this treatment anyway.

It’s an each-to-their-own proposition. I wouldn’t be doing this to a Landau, but then again I’d be in an XA Superbird if I was going to go the Ford Hardtop route. The owner of this hood-snorting beast has something unique, and to their own personal tastes. And fantastic to see on the road. Thanks to Rolla Matt for this spotto.

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